Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This comes a bit late though..
Last week i happened to visit Shapath-IV where i spent some good old days working with Brandaid (for a brief stint) and at Lumium Innovations previously known as IDEA for nearly a year and seven months ( i wish Priti reads this and finally stops picking at me that I worked there for only a year or so!) And,if my wish is granted and Priti does read this, then i want her to take my afore mentioned statement with a pinch of salt. (All in good humor baby!) Gasp.

And then i'll minus the reason why i went to IDEA and directly jump to the interesting topic of our conversation then. Apparently since the other participants are already in the 'Happily-Married' league, they thought to take a dig on me (which even i obliged, cause I luvvvv talking about my imaginary YOYO man!) All the way from their office desks, elevator, to the T-Boi momos and near the tea stall we kept circling around the topic of my man!

Out of topic - When I'll meet my man, I'll tell him how much i was (and hopefully is) obsessed about him even before I met him! And yes, I'll tell him all this after a year of our marriage when we run short of lovey-dovey topics or else he'll be on cloud nine right from the start of our days! Not that it's difficult for me to bring him down from there but since he will try every possible way to impress me to retain his cloud nine status and hence it will be difficult for me to read his darker side! (Not that I am cynical, but because everyone has a dark side, C'mmon! )

So, we were discussing about two generalized groups of eligible boys.
1. Conventionally good looking Boring boys
2. Unconventionally good looking Interesting Boys

When I said that I came across a few guys who belonged to the 2nd category, what irked me off about them was when they spent some good time talking to you. After a while suddenly you feel that all the interesting aura that surrounded them just withers away. They seem less confident, not a good listener, not an interesting person as a whole!

Though Kewal (father of just a 3 yrs old son) felt a bit old to decipher all this categorization, Sinduja came to the rescue of giving out examples of men whom we all knew so that it became easy for Kewal to comprehend.

Example 1: Someone called 'XYZ' was tagged with 'conventionally good looks yet boring' tag

Example 2: Someone called 'Sajid' whose name I can't remember happens to be unconventionally good looking yet seemingly interesting.

By the time Sinduja took the second example, Kewal got a fair idea of what we were trying to say, nevertheless at that very moment Sinduja decided to rip that guy apart by stating that that person was more of an 'Audience Guy' who seemed to be intriguing but will definitely be a no-woman's-man when situation would demand. He was more of a person who can happily stand outside of the ring and cheer the players but can't be a player on his own!

Example 3: Rutivik too fell in the unconventionally good looking yet he got placed on a higher level than that! 'Unconventionally good looking with magical charms'! Slightly different from the second category. Rutvik has a way with any girl. Be it from Market research or from Marketing or to that matter even HR! What's so nice about him, i still wonder... Though he is presentable, what overhauls his appearance is the uncanny knack to make women laugh n talk to him!

So by the time she ended with explicit examples we thought of rephrasing the above mentioned 2 categories into 3 categories:

1. Conventionally good looking Boring boys
2. Unconventionally good looking 'SEEMINGLY' Interesting Boys
3. Unconventionally good looking Boys with magical charms!

Well, since this rant went on for another couple of minutes and as it was clearly state that I wanted someone who was not just a christian but also a believer (ask Sinduja in case to know the definition of a believer); the topic seemed to lose its heat and we all decided to depart. Also as it was time to call it a day.

On my way home, I recalled that once after college (Circa 2006) I had scribbled the characteristics of my man in a page and kept it under the bed mattress. The moment I reached home, my hand searched for the page under the mattress and viola in three gos' I pulled that very paper out. So, here we go with my wish list for my man:

a) Someone who can fix my comp/cell phone/dvd player
b) Someone who grew up on enid blytons.
c) Someone who beats me at least 4:1 in Sudoku games
d) Someone who can compose music for my written ballad
e) Someone who can witty banter
f) Someone who doesn't indulge in uncalled-for emotional drama
g) Someone who is a good listener
h) Someone who is completely non-fussy about food
i) Someone who possesses intellectual love-handles
j) Someone who makes me exercise that fat ass!
k) Someone skilled at the ability to laugh at himself
l) Someone who is truly a world-citizen

For the above points a few points are replaceable:

a) This characteristic gets ruled out as now, as I got my gadget savvy sis!
b) Now, i want someone who has read other authors' books that are unknown to me!
c) This point can stay on my wish list, as at this given point I can make him happy by letting him win!
d) This point can be compromised, as it's disheartening to learn that only a handful of people in a million are musicians and out of them just a few have the talent to compose music for given lyrics!
e) & f) is there to stay.
g) That is also a prerequisite... coz I am a good one at it!
h), i), j) & k) remains the same.
l) can be compromised.

Above all the a) to l) points what tops my list is someone who has a strong foundation based on the teachings of my lord Jesus and one who practices clean lifestyle. Now, at this phase of my life and going forward this is what and will turn me on..


  1. good one mary. Lot of thought put in to for your dream man. lets see how much of these matches your with your actual guy.

    Also, I am curious, what Kind of a guy I am?

    Byee and Good Luck

  2. MS - while I appreciate your categorization of men, it will be more interesting to know which one of these three would you pick, if given a choice? (hint: I'm a cat1 person).
    As far as your a 2 i requirements are concerned, I don't know if there is someone somewhere who matches your expectations, but what I do know for sure is that once he realize who you really are (i mean 'really' and not what you pretend him2b) - he will learn all of these - to make you happy. He got to!

  3. Its interesting to read you blog Mary, interesting post indeed :) I will spare you and ask no embarrassing questions here for sure :)

    p.s. I will make sure Priti reads this :)

  4. @ Harsh: You belong to the 4th category - Unconventional looks but Interesting 'to the extent that you get on the nerves'!

    @ Anonymous: Thanks for the comment.
    Btw, My man somewhere is already equipping himself with all the a) to l) points in his laboratory life!

    @ Siddhartha: Thanks for sparing me with embarrassing questions..but now that you have given a cue, i am all the more curious about the question!
    Plsssssss make Priti read this. I did mail her this blog link yesterday evening itself.. Peace.

  5. Wow, what a write.Full on words+expression+entertaiment. All I can say is may you get your customized a) to i) YoYo man earlier than next earthquake strikes Japan!!

  6. Very nice, lets see what you settle for...would be worth doing a comparison that day with ur expectations mentioned here...god bless. cheers, sajesh

  7. Interesting categorization and wish list. I could read it at a stretch...lol..and I could see Shapath IV and my neighbor working hard on keying in her thoughts.. :) Yup Mana rightly mentioned about the expression n entertainment part.

  8. doesen't babbles qualify to be (meaningless) spoken words only? I can understand you would want to treasure the babbles (collective in this case) but, documenting it in public domain quite something else

    Nevertheless, it does mean you are providing entertainment to quite a few and surely enough "all the best" for "YOUR MAN" (don't mind the categorization)