Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lady Jane, don't go by my words. I love you still!

I watched 3 movies related to Lady Jane Austen and I have mixed feelings towards her. I wonder how she could write such great all time romantic classics when she herself was engaged once for a brief period to our dismay. May be it's the dearth of so called man-woman "love" in her life that kindled her thoughts, fantasies which eventually resulted into every woman's all time favorite characters like Mr. Darcy, Capt. Wenthworth etc.
Here's my heartfelt tribute to Lady Jane. Wait! by the end of the poem one would think, how can this be a tribute when it is so much like a complaining rant. But that's what it is: a heart-to-heart conversation with the Lady I respect, adore and also complain for instigating the love-wave in me.

So, here we go:  

Lady Jane! I thought of you today
How would have you been if you were born yesterday?
So, “Unreal-ism” is the key of your romantic stories’ plot:
The patient-one’s love last and others’ love rot?!?
Bust isn’t unleashing a bit of one’s insanity
a necessary dash to be added in one’s love-life’s recipe?

Tell me honestly, don’t you write such good-character-always-wins books,
Because you being the Reverend’s daughter?
What if you were someone else’s?
should you have taken the side of Mary Anne’s cheer & laughter?
I don’t like Emma and I guess I never will
Even as I grow old & am on a medication of a hundred pills!

Do you even know why Col. Edmond fell head over heels for Mary Anne?
Not because she was young, played piano & would look like a deer when she impulsively ran!

Ah, what a treat to watch!
To see for Darcy’s sake; imagining myself treading Liz’s path!

So, Mr. Darcy he is!
Why not? Why not?
Handsome and young
So mysterious & mum!

I didn’t like you for a while Lady Jane
After the movies, the memories were making me insane
What joy do you get by knitting such romantic stories together?
When in life, a man’s love is something that you could never gather?
But how could I be so ungrateful in my speech?
When you were the only one to give birth to such classics which are beyond our minds’ reach?!

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