Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blessing it is, the so called "Suffering"

Few days back a friend of mine said that he had picked up the topic "Suffering" to preach at his church on Sunday. During my discussion with him on this topic, I realized that suffering differs from culture to culture. The meaning of Suffering would vary from one who comes from a third world country and one living in NewYork. Anyways, the usual displays that I see that of suffering ; in streets, the suffering that we experience on loss of a person, the kind of suffering that a family endures to fill each others stomach etc..all of these raises one question- If life is a gift and meant to be lived to the fullest, then why this suffering? This is not the question of the 21st century man but this question has prevailed since a long time- the quest to know more about suffering led prince Buddha to abandon his life in palace and to follow a life of a mendicant. The craftiness of Karma-logy fails to address a way out from suffering. It sure talks about the cause of suffering ( karma & the previous birth deeds)and its manifestations ( failure, suffering in life inspite of your present good deeds). Karma wants you to accept suffering the way it is stating that 'you' deserve suffering because of your misdeeds. I say, what good is a religion when all it can offer is no hope to  mankind, but forces you to take it for granted that you deserve it! Forget about hope on the spot when you need it in a situation but it doesn't even talk about a ray of hope in the end of a dark tunnel. 

So, my question is: are we meant to suffer in life when we are actually called to enjoy life? Honestly speaking, even if I were a person who didn't believe in the true living God still I would have never bought the idea that I suffer coz I'm born to suffer and it's a curse that I carry from my previous birth. Maybe I was a frog in my previous birth?! YUK! Oh, you might as well become a lizard in your next birth. Run............this is not life is meant to be...naah! I'm sure there is much more to life.

Coming back to the central theme - Suffering, I have a take on this topic and it sure stems from the fact that it is rooted in the beliefs that I'm convicted of. Here's my poem that talks about how suffering came into the world. It sure has some resonance with the term 'curse' like other religion does, but how it differentiates is the conquer upon suffering and a promise to eternity. I talk about its origin and the reason why it came into existence and it's entire meaning changed after Christ's death on the cross. Suffering actually prunes a person to his/her maximum limits and helps in making a person more Christ like. Sufferings checks and constantly reminds us to cling on to Him and there is no other better way. As a christian to share in His suffering also means that we will share in his glory one day (refer Rom 8:17v). So, here's my poem on Suffering:

What’s in a bite of Eden’s forbidden apple,
that they were left with misery & Suffering to grapple.
Suffering partnered with generations of mankind,
As it took over Adam’s body, soul and mind!

Adam looked upon God looked upon Adam,
as suffering traded with virginal Birth!
And when the last drop of innocent blood was shed,
Suffering suffered its own death.

Now through the cross did Suffering take another step,
Oh, what joy it is to bear our suffering
when it can bring us closer to our Father's doorstep!

Here's an answer put forth by a friend of mine based on the topic 'Suffering':
Q:Whats the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian suffering?
A:  My immediate answer is that there is not a difference, except a Christian can use suffering to draw deeper on Gods Grace and therefore become more Christ like. I'm not sure if thats the whole answer though. There is a lot in the New Testament about healing, and poverty relief, and actively working to stop suffering. So there is that as well. Also, Christians are called to suffer for Christ - not to intentionally suffer like some monks used to do by whipping themselves, but when we proclaim the Gospel, if we encounter suffering, it is a good thing.

Bottom line: Suffering is not a Curse, but a Blessing in disguise*
So, much did the Father loved us that even when he gave suffering to mankind, He designed it in a way that it would serve as a channel to draw closer to Him and experience His love. Ain't He wonderful?


  1. The karma not only says to follow what life offers, but also says to keep on going with the routine of life which includes good deed without expecting the result(everything it says is connected; one cant follow a single aspect avoiding the others related to it).

    Life takes exams but doesn't declares the results on a specific time like some academic year, the results come without warning bells. And human have tendency to expect things and when karma says to keep moving on without expecting the fruits the focus stays on not losing your today for what we did yesterday (isnt that smart).

    And about sacrifice; we are strange species at a point there is a group of people which gives money to poor so they can feed themselves and then there is another group which actually takes its share from the collected donation received. Two extremes living in the same box often clash.

  2. btw I loved your poem....Shall wait to read more from you :)

  3. Very interesting !! the poem is very good.

    It is an interesting subject. I remember having read that karma is also interlinked with people for eg is a child is born blind.. who is being punished is it the child or the parents... who suffers more and how is this decided ? why should scores of one life deeds be settled in another life, it is like you know what you are rewarded for or punished for ???

    very interesting post.