Sunday, July 22, 2012

You will Find ...

At my home "Beth El" (a Hebrew word which means house of El/  House of God) you will find strange'lings' and few strange things like:

- Our home is lit up by music right in the wake of the dawn. For years now, don't remember when it started but I wake up to the music in the morning. Not necessarily by the first song that is played, but any song in the playlist that is loud enough will wake me up. So much are we used to music that we sleep with the music on. I sometimes wonder how my first morning will be after getting married - without waking to music in my ears..

- Our family is Nocturnal. Completely. We are generally awake till 2 in the morning. Sometimes, when we look at the clock, we see that it's almost 4:00 in the morning. The above picture was clicked nearly at 3:30 am in the morning (  the clock in the above picture says it all) Also, we are not weary and sleepy-eyed. We are wide awake and giggling. My mom calls us owls and we take it as a complement.

- Our refrigerator never runs short of Choco-pie as it's my mom's fav and the strange thing about our refrigerator is that whenever non-veg is kept for storing, it is consumed in a very short period. While at the same time the vegetables that we buy remain mostly untouched in the refrigerator for days and are eventually taken out to discard.

- We have two huge bean bags in the living room. They are so huge that my mom says that those are our pet elephants. My neighbour kid and I snuggle into it whenever I'm home from office. These two bean bags when kept together serve as a comfy bed and I sleep on it most of the nights these days.

- Our home has many wall paintings! There are 3 paintings that are closely arranged on one side of our living room all of which are painted by my sis when she was in school. This side of the wall is near the dining area and it sure becomes the hot topic of discussion whenever we're having dinner with our friends at our place or when we first timer guests at our place. It's about a Russian story "Avasika goes Fishing" :)

What's cool about these paintings are that they are placed on the backdrop of RED wall! Color chosen by my sis and I as we firmly believe that the red color has some connection with our personality. Also, the red color was inspired by some pics that I saw in my friend's Venice trip collection. This part of the room comprising the red colored wall resemble the houses in Venice, although the aura is nothing close to it though! Sigh!

- All in my family are crazy to learn about different cultures and Mythologies that they keep gifting each other these amazing books to each other on their Birthdays. My bday is coming closer- on August 28th, but my sis has already bought this super cool nearly 4 kgs book for me as a gift which is all about the Art during Medieval Period. This explains how a certain painter during that time went ahead to paint---- Lets say Paris shooting an arrow at Achille's heel. The book will hence dig deeper into how baby Achilles was dipped into the river Styx by his mom Thetis so that he grows to become an immortal man but nevertheless his heel was not dipped as he was held at his heel by his mom's hands. Another recent book as a gift is - "The Complete Chronicles of Narnia".

- Our room is like a mini library, where we have stacks of books kept neatly aside, which are completely untouched. Sometimes I feel that my sister has got this gene from my dad who used to splurge on books. She does the exact same thing. It's her obsession. The only difference between her and dad is that dad used to read those books and she hardly does! Blame the fate for living in the fast paced life of the 21st century!

- My family has an obsession for Israel & Jews! We have numerous documentaries related to Israel and how as a nation they overcame so many obstacles and are still standing tall amongst the Arab in their neighbourhood. I like the movie - "A woman called Golda" based on Golda Meir; the fourth prime minister of Israel. I was really inspired by her character and somehow liked the way 'she' smoked cigarettes. My sister's fav is the book called "My People" by Abba Eban's.

My fingers are feeling tired. It's 12:30am and I gotta go as I need to brush my teeth! More will follow later.

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  1. Hey this post is exactly like talking to you... it is like this is me. jumping from subject to subject sounding silly and wise at the same time.