Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The BEAUTY Bubble

So here’s my take on the topic “BEAUTY”- a very tricky subject to discuss! Few days back I was reading an article in the tabloid where the infamous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway commented that how she dealt with the issue of being comfortable in her own skin. She candidly said that throughout her 20s she had been struggling and trying to make peace with herself about the way she looked and she still felt nervous in Hollywood inspite of having a svelte figure and a gorgeous face . This reminded me of the article when in my teens as I looked upon Britney Spears for a while was shocked to read in newspaper where she had commented how she wished she could change her nose. (Well, that’s possible with the technology! But my questions are directed to the subject of viewing oneself as beautiful!) Few days back I also went through the ELLE magazine in which Katy Perry was in the front cover page posing with oomph and inside the magazine in her interview she didn’t shy away from mentioning her struggles with accepting the her body type in the so called ‘zero sized’ crazy industry. She indeed would get disturbed with the gnawing feeling quiet often. But hey! Little did she know that I always considered her as a really curvy and sexy woman. Surprisingly enough, the result of a general poll showcased how nearly 75% of human race view themselves as ‘not’ beautiful! It seems that the human race which happens to be an interesting species has found it so very difficult to be able to recognize their own beauty. The reason behind it so-

I think that the topic Beauty and the self esteem issue are intertwined and both are tricky topics! Every person has a personalized set of theory with specifications for considering a person as beautiful. If we ask whether a random walking person is beautiful or not to anyone, then that anyone will scan the random walking person and see how many specs does he match with the mould set that he has in his mind. If the random person fails to score not so many marks as per their specification- then that person becomes ugly for us. If the person of talk scores all the points as per ones specifications then, that person becomes beautiful! Correct me if I am wrong!

Here’s my opinion on why a person finds it difficult to consider oneself as beautiful: Being able to recognize our own personal beauty becomes difficult because it has very little to do with our actual physical appearance/ face value but everything to do with self value! Valuing ourselves is a decision we need to make daily! I had also heard it once from the pulpit about how valuing your life as being perfect and gorgeous is an act of worship! (it was connected to love-your-neighbours-as-yourself  which means simply that LOVE ONESELF first!) Why did God say that He formed us out of His own image? I believe He said that to remind's not possible for us to not be beautiful!! It's a sham and actually rude on our part to think and constantly think horrible thoughts about yourself, and then worship the Lord and tell Him how perfect He is! Everything He created was perfect...therefore you = perfect! Basic mathematical equation with all Constants no Variable.

It's also a scientifically proven fact that people who viewed themselves as good looking had something more about them- something like more of a glow to their skin and a brightness in their eyes. Those who viewed themselves as ugly and hopeless had duller skin and darker circles rimming their eyes. I also believe that the more beautiful you think you are, the more beautiful you actually will look! The feeling just doesn’t stop to yourself. It transcends on how you view other things as well. Things I never considered beautiful, are suddenly stunning in my eyes. Places I thought I could never find hope, are now overflowing with restoration and promise!

Some people view as accepting GOD into their life as so seriously to an extent that they set some self-imposed rules about the way they look. They say that why do we want to feel beautiful? Well, it’s a natural and holy emotion! No, not conceited or haughty. The Bible clearly states that acknowledging your own beauty is a rejuvenating process! 

Psalm 34:5 says, "Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed." How could you be ashamed of your appearance if you're acknowledging the fact that God made you?!

Psalm 139:14, "I praise You, I know that I am fearfully and beautifully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Hello???It means that your SOUL should know how perfectly He created everything, therefore how perfectly He created you!

Here’s my picture- 

I got that scar as a reminder from an accident that took place when I was four and half- which costed me the lives of my father, mother and bro. My visits to one of the excellent cosmetologists in the city proved to be an interesting visit. The surgeon told me how a super model called “Padma Lakshmi” too has a scar on her fore arm from an accident that she met with during her childhood and she still has the scar on her forearm without undergoing any operation. My scar condition was the same as hers. I anyways am not that disturbed with my scar and to top it the testimonial of a high profile supermodel just backed my thought about how I viewed myself with the scar.

So, I challenge you, beautiful friends, to take the time to tell yourself the things that make you beautiful! It sounds ridiculous, cheesy and goofy, but am sure it’s worth it. And while doing so, don’t you forget to give some hope to someone else in a day about how good they look. You might make someone’s day!

Have a wonderful time feeling beautiful!


  1. Thank u so much for this enlightening article...It has actually helped me to believe in myself and find my inner beauty as well as have confidence in how I look rather than evaluating all the time what people around me think of my looks. Thanks once again...way to go...waiting for many such other articles to come in the future...

  2. Good babbling. I completely agree with your thoughts.