Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mary's Mamma Mia!

So, yesterday was Mother's day.
My way of making her feel special- giving all respect that's due to her ( which means I ran to shop thrice between twelve in the noon to six in the evening. Without murmuring- that's the big deal here!)

Although my mom was aware of the day being celebrated as Mother's day, still she didn't even ask us to wish her or do something for her. She continued with her Sunday chores- which means spending more time in the kitchen cooking special dishes for my sis who spends her entire weekdays away from home. That's mom. Irrespective of the day, season, time, mood- she continues to give her best to her kids- Selflessly.

Few things about my mom-

Little did she know that the kids of her elder sister that she playfully used to toy around with will one day be entrusted to her with the priced emotional crown of foster motherhood. Earlier, she must have blown thousand kisses to us playfully laughingly, but all of a sudden after being called as "mommy" by us, her kisses changed- they became hard pressed and very close and intimate.

My sister and I were quiet involved in most of the co-curricular activities in school and were always among those getting prizes. During those days I used to observe how other students parents' were more worried and pushy to get their kids on top and how they failed miserably. I specifically remember how a guy named Amit Telang's mom used to even do all her son's project on her own so that he could score more, but unfortunately he never did. My sister and I were skilled in doing our projects on our own and also had a sense of presenting them nicely. All of this with a mom at my home who was quiet simple- who was educated in her regional linguistic which was not applicable in the state that we were living in. Well, I mentioned her weakness first. Her strength - "Encouragement". If we came back from school worried about something new; a skill that we were not equipped with, she would simply quip by saying- "You can do it! No excuses! It's in your genes!". She used to tell how my mom was very talented as a kid in telling stories, painting, sketching, drawing etc. And when it came to studies, she would tell stories of how she had heard (from my biological mom) about my dad being good in sports and  excellent in studies and esp. mathematics as a kid. These stories will make my sis and I go - "Oooooohh............." with our mouth wide open as if some magic spell was cast on us. To top it, she would open Bible and ready out how God's children were born to be the head and not the tail. We would all of a sudden feel like some special kids meant to do something great!  Since primary school we were more of DIY kids! I am proud of my mom making us these kind of kids.

She easily morphed into a father effortlessly. As we were growing up, we never saw her a damsel-in-distress kinds single mother. We saw how for her our protection was of utmost importance and for that she single handedly changed our residence in fortnight's time co-ordinating with our lawyers and the real estate brokers and negotiating a decent deal all by herself. I learned Negotiation.

Growing up, we would keep asking her to tell us more about the love story b/w my mom and dad as we get to hear bits and pieces of the passionate story from our other relatives. She would tell how my dad chased my mom for four long years and how he begged my grand dad to approve. When my maternal grand-dad gave a green signal to my dad but asked him to wait till my mom became 21, from that day on bang till the date my parents wedded, my dad and mom wrote letters to each other.  Interestingly, my dad used to write more letters to my mom. My mom was not able to match my dad in reciprocation as she had an obstacle of handing over the letter in the hands of her younger brother to go and post. My younger maternal uncle was a naughty young chap and would ask for something in return for doing the favour and all this process would consume time and meanwhile, my mom would have already received the second letter of the week from my dad. By telling such stories time and again to us, she instilled the hope that there exists some good interesting men in the world...

As much as she reinforced the hope of true love to us, she also told this awakening truth to me when i got this small crush in my second year of college. She told how in eternity, even the husband and wife won't be husband and wife. Marriage which is an amazing relationship also considered as honorable by God and that which prunes and brings the best in us- When even the best relationship as marriage does not hold its stance in eternity, then a trivial thing as crush is just a futile happenstance which definitely should not be consuming my time and energy and emotions. It's better to be prepared and conscious and not allow one's emotions and feelings to be controlled by another person in whom you have got a simple crush. Result- I never got entangled in any relationships that would have gone that far to have made me cry or depressed.

I would like to go on and on and on about her...but I better pause!

It's such a blessed feeling to know that God has more than compensated in His mysterious ways in the form of one kindness or the other... I've got mom! I feel blessed!

That's her, her and her!!!

With younger bro- her favourite!
With her brood-threes shades of Kids


Doing what she is best at- preparing delicious food loaded with 'love' ingredient.


  1. Wow, a great tribute to a wonderful sounding person!

  2. touchy... this says a lot about you and your life. as mentioned above how skilled you are, and i can notice your linguistic skills here... very well written Mary... a lot to learn from you.... also i could predict that you will be a great mother too... :)